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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Dedicated to the Treatment of OCD


Sick of what OCD is doing to you? Reclaim your life! I combine the use of Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) with the cutting edge Inference-Based Therapy (IBT). 

You have every right to be hopeful that living well with OCD is possible.

Treatment Focus


My focus is to help you heal, energize, and become aware of your inner strength. We achieve this by confronting your fears, finding your funny bone and resisting compulsions with determination.

My Mission


I will be there for you every step of your journey. My goal is to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and live a value-driven life. I want to show you how to "boss it back" and win the fight of your life. Click HERE for testimonials.


Live Well With OCD


If you're like most people with OCD you know you have a choice to make. You've discovered that your current way of coping is time-consuming and exhausting. Having to perform rituals and conduct mental acts is like being in prison. And those around you are probably hurting too. You want to stop feeding OCD. You know the answer is to face a fear rather than avoid it or try to control it. 

Life rewards action. Boss it Back-Now!

This Is Not Talk Therapy

Resist Compulsios

To live well with OCD means allowing obsessional thoughts and resisting compulsions. We don't need to excavate memories from your childhood to explain your obsessions. OCD attacks whatever is precious and sacred to you. Plain and simple.

OCD Is a Family Affair


If you have a loved one with OCD then you probably have a lot of questions about how to help. Warning: Reassurance does not help! 

There is a very specific way to talk to OCD. 

Don't get caught in a loop! Make sure you learn the best way to talk back to OCD.

Services Offered by Tammy LaBrake, LCSW


Individual and Family Therapy For Ages 8+

Specialized therapy for the treatment of OCD and related issues. Therapeutic approaches include Exposure & Response Prevention, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, and Inference-Based Therapy. 

Evidence-Based Therapy

Treatment provided is scientifically supported to be effective and the preferred approaches in treating OCD. Beware: Not all providers who treat OCD use Exposure & Response Prevention and yet, extensive research has documented it to be most successful and likely to achieve best positive results.

Real Testimonials

Click HERE to find out why I find this work to be so rewarding.

Books on Sale Now

It's hard to concentrate and read when in the midst of an OCD storm. So I write brief and to the point books that give guidance with the person in mind who is having trouble focusing. Be sure to read all the reviews HERE. 

Skill-Building Classes

Every month I hold classes for adults to develop and sharpen their "Boss it Back" skills. I am tenacious and unshakable when it comes to finding ways to defy OCD.


  • Length of Session: You can book sessions in increments of 50 minutes. Generally speaking, people seem to benefit from 3 months of regular 1 -2 sessions per week and then step down to less frequent meetings, eventually leading to a discharge or group setting.
  • Insurance: I do not accept insurance. My services are private pay only. I do not assist with submitting forms to insurance companies on your behalf, but through my client portal you can obtain and print information you need to submit to your insurance company. Even then, very few insurance companies will reimburse you as I am not in any insurance networks.
  • Field Trips: Not all sessions occur in an office setting. Sometimes we will go out and about to hunt down places, people and things, so that you can confront your fear.
  • Surprises: I am not going to trick you. Exposure & Response Prevention is about facing fears but we don't face anything without your permission. I will encourage you to do hard things but your consent is required.
  • Telehealth Therapy: Due to specific symptoms, not all people are able to leave their home or allow me into their home. I offer a HIPAA compliant option to provide video-conference based therapy. If accepted into my program, this video service is available as long as you are a resident of NYS, not in crisis, not a danger to self or others, and not involved in any legal matters.
  • In-Between Sessions: You can contact me outside of sessions as long as it is not an emergency. In non-emergent situations I am happy to provide clarification regarding assignments and answer brief questions. If you are in crisis and in danger you must call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.
  • Student Observations: I am frequently contacted by graduate students asking to sit in and observe groups. I do not permit this type of observation.
  • Recording Sessions: Only if we mutually agree can a session be recorded. Often we create scripts for you to record and listen to in-between sessions but this is done only with full disclosure.
  • Discharge Policy: You are eligible for immediate discharge if: 1) You cancel 3 appointments in a short period of time; 2) Are a no call/no show for more than 2 appointments; 3) You do not provide payment as discussed; 4) Have not been seen for 90 days; 5) Have not followed through with any assignments after 3 sessions; 6) If you are not able to engage in ERP due to complicating issues. If you're not ready for therapy, that's understandable and we can try another time, but I need to be mindful of those who are waiting on the sidelines eager to begin.
  • Medications: I do not prescribe medications. I am not a doctor, I am a social worker. There are several drug options but it can take many trials before the right drug and dosage is found. I find the best prescription is one called RESIST. Meaning resist compulsions. It's not a drug, it's a mindset. 


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